About Us


Our Approach

We believe in a down-to-earth approach to farming.  We use all natural feeds and farming methods that keep the health and well being of the animals in the forefront.  Technology is avoided whenever possible and we still milk our cows by hand.

Our Story

We are the MacAdam Family and we moved from Salem onto the farm in 2014.  David has been with the Postal Service for 18 years and it was time to move out of the city and start living a wholesome life.

We started the farm with 100 chickens and 2 milk cows providing products to anyone who wished to stop by.  Currently we milk seven of our eleven milk cows, collect eggs from 600 laying hens, milk three Saanen Goats and raise quality grass fed beef.

Our Cows

Currently we are milking seven beautiful cows.  Each cow is hand milked twice a day and is monitored for health and well-being.  We take a great interest in the contentment of the cows and endeavor to provide a wholesome living environment for them.