Herd Share

In herdshares, also known as farmshares, cowshares, goatshares, etc., people buy shares of a milking animal or herd, and pay the farmer to care for the animals and milk them. As owners, the shareholders are entitled to the milk from their own animals. The farmer may deliver the milk directly to shareholders or a central drop point, or shareholders may pick it up at the farm. Shares are typically sold based on an expected milk volume. For example, “one share” may entitle the holder to one gallon of milk per week. Owners can buy the number of shares they need to ensure the milk supply they want.

Herd Share Sale Agreement simplified

This is the basic sales agreement. The blanks must be filled out and then the form needs to be signed.  Please call us for meeting days and times and to finalize the details.  Thank you

Cow Boarding Agreement

Our Cow Boarding Agreement outlines the Farms obligation toward the buyer and the Buyers obligation to the Farm.  It is a vital give-and-take agreement that makes it possible for Blessings Farm and Dairy to operate smoothly and to continue to provide quality raw milk products into the future.