Our Milk Cows



I am a five year old Jersey who was born on a farm in Northern Oregon.  I came to Blessings farm in 2015.  I am a confirmed A2-A2 cow and give lots of yummy cream.

Bred: Sept 17, 2016

Due: June 27, 2017                                         I averaged 3.98 gallons a day in January



Hello! I am a four year old Dutch Belted Jersey. I too was born on a Dairy in Northern Oregon but went to a loving family here in the Willamette Valley.  From there I came to Blessings Farm and had my first calf in 2014.  My milk is extra creamy and makes great ice cream.

Bred: October 7, 2017

Due: July 17, 2017                                         I averaged 3.87 gallons a day in January



I am a four year old Registered Guernsey.  My previous Dairy sold me to Blessings Farm in 2015.  After I arrived I had a bull calf and am very happy on this farm because there is no concrete I have to walk on.

Bred: December 10, 2016

Due: September 18, 2017                                 I averaged 5.47 gallons a day in January



Greetings! I am a Registered Jersey and love living here on Blessings Farm.  I have had two calves since I was brought here in 2015. My first was a bull calf and my second is featured on the home page.

Calved: January 25, 2017

Open                                                                    I averaged 3.96 gallons per day in January



I am a Jersey cow all the way from Washington State.  I am one of the youngest cows here on Blessings Farm at just three YOA.  My little heifer calf is also featured on the home page.

Calved: January 11, 2017

Open                                                               I averaged 4.98 gallons per day in January


Sorry but no picture of me yet.  I am the latest addition to the Blessings Farm family coming from a friends house up the road.  I am also three years old and am quickly fitting in to my new home.

Calved: January 2, 2017

Open                                                               I averaged 5.49 gallons per day in January