Our Products


Here at Blessings Farm and Dairy we milk our cows twice daily.  The milk from each cow is then strained, jarred and placed into our industrial refrigerator where it is kept cold and delicious.

$8 a gallon

Our farm fresh all natural eggs come from our 800+ chickens housed here on the farm.    A happy chicken makes for a beautiful egg.


$5 for Large
$6 for Jumbo

Our delicious yogurt is made fresh twice a week using our very own milk produced right here on the farm. Once you try it you will not go back to store bought!

$4 a 32oz tub

Our cream is hand skimmed to ensure creamy perfection. It is wonderful for many uses (like your morning coffee YUM!)

$6 a Pint

We make our butter fresh each week.  We start with our own yummy cream and then into the churn it goes.

$13 a pound